Definitions for "EULA"
The contract found in most software packages that describes the rights to which the user of the software is entitled. Typically, it will explain how many...
As with most software, fonts are licensed to individuals and organizations. The EULA defines the terms and provisions for use of the font software. The EULA also indicates the number of CPUs the fonts may be installed on. The number of CPUs a font is initially licensed for can vary depending on the manufacturer.
a broadly worded binding contract that you have the option to excercise your right not to accept by uninstalling and returning the software to the publisher/manufacturer
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a tool, that says "Beware of Our Law Team" and needs to be heeded because a lawyer's bite can be deadly
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a legal construct in which the company asserts certain rights which the player passively (ok, semi-actively) agrees to abide by in order to be granted limited use of the product
a legally binding document