Definitions for "Condition report"
a written record that shows the condition of the dwelling or site at the start of your tenancy
You should receive one of these every time that you move into a new house or flat. It is a written record of the general condition of the flat, which the real estate or landlord fills out. You have to check all of the things that are on the list and make sure that nothing has been missed. If you don't add things that aren't on the list, then your landlord will be able to make a claim on your bond when you leave the place
is part of the residential tenancy agreement (lease) that records the condition of a place and any furniture that you are renting both at the start of the tenancy and again at the end of the tenancy. A copy of the condition report is kept by the landlord/agent and another by the tenant(s).
A document which details the condition of an object and is used as a tool to determine change in the object over time. Ideally, condition reports should be produced as soon as an object is acquired. They may also be produced as part of a collection survey; prior to conservation treatment; or as documentation to accompany travelling exhibitions or loans.
a document which formally details the condition and repair of the property at the time you move in
a document that describes and evaluates the physical condition of an object
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a statement of opinion only and not of fact