Definitions for "Inspection report"
A report prepared for an insurer by an outside organization. It provides information about an applicant’s or insured’s physical, financial, and moral attributes.
Documentation of an application or a summary statement of the proposed insured's occupation, residence, health history, lifestyle and general financial status. This report is prepared by the insurer or an investigating agency for consideration in the underwriting process.
A statement prepared for a life or health insurance company by an inspection bureau that is used in the underwriting process. The statement may contain financial information, physical condition, habits and other information use to evaluate and classifying the risk.
Written record of a property's condition, including the foundation, interior, roof, kitchen & baths, foundation, heating & A/C.
document describing the examination of a home’s exterior and interior.
An examination of a home's exterior, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical system, heating, air conditioning, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, roofing and interior.
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A synopsis of facts discovered during the course of an inspection.
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an opinion of the present condition of the property, based on a visual inspection of the readily accessible features of the building
a snapshot in time of the observable conditions of the home
A lost/damage claim describing the condition of the product.
The documentation of a thorough examination of a house's visible structural parts and systems, conducted before purchase.
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