Definitions for "Contig"
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A contiguous region of DNA sequence constructed by aligning many sequence "reads" (one "read" is the data generated from one sequencing reaction).
A DNA sequence that overlaps with another contig. The full set of overlapping sequences (contigs) can be put together to obtain the sequence for a long region of DNA that cannot be sequenced in one run in a sequencing assay. Important in genetic mapping at the molecular level.
A length of contiguous sequence assembled from partial, overlapping sequences, generated from a "shotgun" sequencing project. Contigs are typically created computationally, by comparing the overlapping ends of several sequencing reads generated by restriction enzyme digestion of a segment of genomic DNA. The creation of contigs in the presence of sequencing errors, ambiguities and the presence of repeats is one of the most computationally challenging aspects of the role of Bioinformatics in genome analysis.
Contig is a command line defragmentation utility for Windows currently owned by Microsoft subsidiary Winternals. It is designed to defragment individual files and does not attempt to move files to the beginning of the partition. Contig is especially useful for individual files that are often changed and become defragmented quickly because it can be targeted at these individual files without defragmenting the entire partition or drive.
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a list of readings