Definitions for "Data security"
The protection of data from unauthorized (accidental or intentional) modification, destruction, or disclosure.
Protecting data in a database against destruction and misuse.
Features included in database packages to protect data from individuals not authorized to use it.
The securing or safeguarding of electronic information owned by an organization using technology such as security software packages and data encryption devices.
The mechanisms that control the access and use of the database at the object level. For example, data security includes access to a specific schema object and the specific types of actions allowed for each user on the object (e.g., user SCOTT can issue SELECT and INSERT statements but not DELETE statements using the EMP table). It also includes the actions, if any, that are audited for each schema object.
The overall process for implementing policies and procedures for the handling of storage media throughout the Asset Recovery process.
a company that specializes in cryptography
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