Definitions for "deep-fry"
Keywords:  immerse, submerge, fry, cook, hot
to cook by immersing in hot fat or oil.
To cook food at an average temperature of 375°F in hot fat or oil deep enough to completely cover the food. The temperature of the fat is extremely important and can make the difference between greasy and overcooked food. If the fat is not hot enough, the food will absorb fat and become greasy. If the fat is too hot, the food will burn on the exterior before it has had a chance to cook thoroughly. Learn more about cooking methods and techniques to prepare Chinese food here.
Cooking in enough fat to cover the food completely. The aim is to produce foods with a crisp golden-brown crust and a thoroughly cooked interior without letting them absorb too much fat. The kind, quantity and temperature of the fat are important in accomplishing this result.