Definitions for "Design pattern"
A design pattern is a "solution to a problem in context"; that is, it represents a high-quality solution to a recurring problem in design.
A design pattern is a description of a successful solution to a common software problem.
a collection of objects (classes) that have the functionality and internconnectivity specific to solving a general problem
a pattern--a way of pursuing an intent--that uses classes and their methods in an object-oriented language
a pattern that defines a structure or behavior for the design view of a given model
a pattern which directly addresses issues of software architecture, design, or programming implementation
(UML) Modeling situations that you will encounter frequently in database design. manymany.php
a mechanism for encapsulating the knowledge of experienced designers into a re-usable artifact
a concept that dates back into the world of architecture (as in buildings, those great big things we walk around in and ride elevators in)
a way of doing things E
an effective means to convey/communicate what has been learned about high-quality designs
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a good place to handle this
a grouping of a small number of objects that is likely to be useful again and again