Definitions for "DNA methylation"
Addition of methyl groups to DNA; plays role in regulation of gene expression; protects a bacterium's DNA against its restriction endonucleases.
Attachment of methyl groups to the cytosine of DNA which can alter the function of DNA.
The addition of methyl groups (–CH) to bases of DNA after DNA synthesis; may serve as a long-term control of gene expression. DNA polymerase An enzyme that catalyzes the elongation of new DNA at a replication fork by the addition of nucleotides to the existing chain. DNA probe A chemically synthesized, radioactively labeled segment of nucleic acid used to find a gene of interest by hydrogen-bonding to a complementary sequence. domain A taxonomic category above the kingdom level; the three domains are Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya. dominance hierarchy A linear "pecking order" of animals, where position dictates characteristic social behaviors. dominant allele In a heterozygote, the allele that is fully expressed in the phenotype. dormancy dormire, to sleep] A period during which growth ceases and metabolic activity is greatly reduced; dormancy is broken when certain requirements, for example, of temperature, moisture, or day length, are met.