Definitions for "ECA"
Enzima Convertidora de Angiotensina
Environnement et Chimie Appliqué e
Government supported official Export Credit Agency, eg EXIMBank, ECOP
Export Credit Agency; ECAs are public national agencies that provide government-backed loans, guarantees and insurance to corporations from their home country that seek to do business overseas in developing countries and emerging markets. (Investment Insurance Agencies also commonly known as ECAs)
Export credit agencies are state bodies or institutions for assisting exporters in industrialized countries sell their goods by guaranteeing the credit payment (in part or in full) in industrializing countries.
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Electronic Commerce Association. An independent, UK-based, non-profit-making organization which provides information regarding electronic commerce. Merged with the Article Number Association in October 1998. The new organization is known as e center UK, although the official name is the Association for Standards and Practises in Electronic Trade – EAN UK Ltd.
The Electronic Components, Assemblies, & Materials Association represents the electronics industry sector comprised of manufacturers and suppliers of passive and active electronic components, component arrays and assemblies, and commercial and industrial electronic equipment and supplies.
Electronic Check Acceptance. Offered with some POS terminals, but not available with Gateway accounts. The Gateway uses Internet Check Acceptance (see ICA), not ECA. With ECA, the check is electronically submitted as a check. The check is no longer usable and the paper check must be voided. The customer signs and receives a paper receipt. ECA services may include a check guarantee service. ECA is used for retail payments only.
A term coined by Guy Creese while an analyst at Aberdeen Group denoting the coming consolidation of Web content management, search/categorization, personalization, and Web analytics into a unified suite responsible for managing an enterprise's online persona.
Economic Commission for Africa
European Commission for Africa
Economic Commission for Latin America (Chile, affiliated with the UN, also CEA)
East Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement – North American Electric Reliability Council Region
Earth Central Angle
Earth-Crossing-Asteroid. An asteroid whose orbit crosses the Earth's orbit or will at some time cross the Earth's orbit as it evolves under the influence of perturbations from Jupiter and the other planets.
Estero Civic Association A community organization whose mission is to protect the unique history, identity, and character of our community and to preserve the excellent quality of life enjoyed in Estero through the efforts and support of our membership. They educate, advocate, and involve their membership in issues that directly impact Estero, and represent Estero at local, state and federal levels.
Educational and Cultural Affairs
Enhanced Convolution Approach
See Enhanced Capital Allowances
Enhanced Capital Allowances. A tax relief given through the tax system by reducing the taxable profits of the business. The ECA scheme builds on existing statutory provisions, under which businesses may obtain tax relief, in the form of capital allowances, for their investment in plant and machinery.
See “Epidemiological Catchment Area Study.
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Endothelial Cell Activation
Equivalent Clearcut Area. The ECA describes the "effective" area that a recovering historic disturbance currently represents in terms of its ecological effects.
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Environmental cost accounting
Energy Cost Adjustment. The difference between the actual costs for wholesale power purchased by Midwest Energy on behalf of its customers and the Production Charges in rates. The ECA includes any true-up amounts from prior periods if Midwest collected either more or less than it actually paid for wholesale power. The purpose of the ECA is to ensure that Midwest Energy collects no more and no less than the actual cost of wholesale power over time. However, the effect of the ECA in any given month is to make the total Production Charges either slightly more or slightly less than actual wholesale power costs. In addition, the ECA will include any costs for fuel used to power Midwest Energy-owned generation plants.
Engineering Critical Assessment
European climate assessment
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