Definitions for "Embedded Command"
In word publishing, a sequence of (usually invisible) special characters inserted into a document, which have an effect on the formatting of it. For example, imbedded commands can cause blinking characters or other special effects to be displayed on the screen. Alternatively, an embedded command can make the printer change to another specified font when printing. See also CHARACTER FONT FORMAT FORMAT TEXT WORD PROCESSING
Nesting a command in a sentence so that it is grammatically not a command but is marked out as a command by analog behavior; e.g. “I wonder how soon you will HAVE FUN LEARNING NLP
a command that is completely enclosed in the parameter of another command
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You might want to PICK UP YOUR SOCKS, DAMMIT! before you go to the library.
a powerful way to make a suggestion to another person, because people won't consciously notice it, but it registers and has an impact at an unconscious level
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