Definitions for "entitlement"
a right granted by law or contract, especially to financial benefits from the government.
A service that must be provided to all persons meeting the eligibility criteria. For example, Medicaid state plan services are an entitlement and must be provided.
Any form of benefit, such as compensation, insurance, pension retirement, military, bonus, allotment, allowance payable in cash or in-kind in which a client may have a claim or interest. See Income -- Ownership and Availability
Non-renounceable & non-tradable issue of shares. Is the right to purchase new shares at the specific price. The allotment of shares will usually be in the same company.
a positive obligation on one Oceanian to provide something for another, or a Right that interferes with someone else's Rights
Often used the same as Privilege, entitlement carries the feeling of something owed or of a right granted. We make limited use of the word here. An authority related eduPerson attribute – eduPersonEntitlement – uses this term specifically as an attribute that conveys ownership of the named right or privilege, a token that can be used directly or in a rules evaluation in determining authorization.
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with reference to oil and gas reserves or production, that share of the working interest amount to which the Group is entitled after taking account of the State's entitlement under terms of the relevant PSA or PSC
Working interest owner's share of production. This volume may not equal actual sales due to contractual or market conditions. Also, the amount of gas to which a customer is entitled from a seller.
a way of giving people a lifestyle that they cannot, on their own, afford--free-market society does not value their contributions to the level necessary to support that lifestyle
The support awarded to a student for one academic year. It is applied for and calculated for each year of their course.
Status of whether or not a customer can be supported and what kind of support they may receive.
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a legal claim, enforceable in a civil court
That portion of a claim that entitles a claim ant to recover from the other part [D04084] CSM
License or permission to accept a particular type of payment card or other payment vehicle.
The process whereby adoptive parents give themselves permission to parent their adopted son or daughter. Entitlement is not always automatic, and may not occur for days or weeks after placement.
a tax and a forced redistribution of wealth
Amount of funds that an applicant should receive under a statutory formula. The actual amount of funding apportioned may be less than the entitlement if insufficient funds are available.
The portion of a VA loan that the VA guarantees (generally 25% of the loan).
A veteran's basic entitlement is $36,000 (or up to $ 89,912 for certain loans over $144,000). This entitlement is the amount the VA actually guarantees to the lender. Most lenders will generally loan up to 4 times the available entitlement without requiring a down payment. In simple terms the VA entitlement is like having the VA make your 25% down payment for you.
A legal right, typically used in the context of Ch.766 where children are entitled to services written in the IEP that are provided and/or monitored by the school system, or in the context of Ch 688 where a person is entitled to a plan, but receiving services is not an entitlement (i.e. services are not guaranteed)
A condition that attaches to a complaint once the assertions underlying that complaint are proven. See extended discussion after page 214.
Range of measures comprising compensation, income restoration, transfer assistance, income substitution, and relocation which are due to affected people, depending on the nature of their losses, to restore their economic and social base
A data structure that contains externalized security policy information. Entitlements contain policy data or capabilities that are formatted in a way that is understandable to a specific application.
In security management, a data structure, service, or list of attributes that represents policy information.
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definition goes here.
The same as share. The amount of resources that are planned to be consumed by a certain job, user, user group, or project.
The best potential performance of a process, based on the current design.
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The amount due to an entitled person for a specific period.