Definitions for "Relocation"
an operation that rewrites an address in a loaded segment
The process of revising code and data addresses in relocatable object code. This occurs when the linker must combine object files to create an executable program. It also occurs when the dynamic loader loads a shared library into a process's address space.
The process of fixing up a module in memory before execution.
The computation of a chart for a given time, using a different (relocated) logitude and latitude. (For example: if one lives in a different place than the birthplace.)
Relocation is a popular method of Relocating the Natal Chart to a different locality, usually the current place of residence, or a proposed destination, such as a holiday location. In the relocated chart the angles and house cusps are recalculated to reflect the new place but the planet positions will remain unaffected. The new chart can then be analysed giving an indication of how the person relates to the new environment.
the transportation of people (as a family or colony) to a new settlement (as after an upheaval of some kind)
If a bear spends too much time in a place where lots of people are, wardens may decide that relocation is necessary. This means that the bear is taken far away to a place where there are few people and lots of wilderness.
a steady stream of people who are really interested in Austin and are making serious inquiries about acquiring information
A second location.
a one-way movement of a deployed mobile launcher of ICBMs and its associated missile between facilities (or from any location following the completion of a dispersal to a declared facility)
Rebuilding housing, assets, including productive land, and public infrastructure in another location
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When a vehicle is moved from one state to another with no change of ownership.
the act of changing your residence or place of business; "they say that three moves equal one fire"
Renewal of a lease.
takes places when a lease is assumed to have been renewed because a tenant has been allowed to continue in possession of his holding after the expiry of his lease, without any new lease having been agreed between him and the proprietor of the land
To alter the path of an existing trail to better follow land contours, avoid drainage sites, bypass environmentally sensitive areas, improve views, or for other landowner or management reasons.
The effort to assist and facilitate re-housing of families and single persons, businesses or organizations who are displaced due to redevelopment activities.
a licensed real estate company in the State of Alabama
a wonderful tool for agents to capture the attention of buyers relocating to their market area
a substantial change in circumstances
Relocation is a change in residence as a result of a change in assignment, promotion or other reason related to an employee's duties.
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The movement of occupants from a fire zone to a safe area within the same building.