Definitions for "EOD"
mergency rdnance isposal. Military bomb squad.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The detection, identification, field evaluation, render safe, recovery and disposal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). EOD may be undertaken: a) As a routine part of mine clearance operations, upon the discovery of UXO. b) To dispose of UXO discovered outside mined areas, (this may be a single UXO, or a larger number inside a specific area). c) To dispose of explosive ordnance which has become hazardous by damage or destruction.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The Bomb Squad to the rest of us.
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Established Onset Date. The corroborated date an applicant met the definition of disability. It is based on facts such as medical and work records. It may be the same as the Alleged Onset Date (see above), or earlier or later than AOD as shown by the facts established by SSA. For more information, see the Onset of Disability - SSI/DI topic.
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End of Data. A marker that indicates the end of data on an input stream. There is more data to follow, either as the rest of the current file or in another file; for the player resource, the end-of-data marker indicates that this subsequent data will need the same decoder as the one used before the marker. Compare with End of Type and End of Stream.
see End of Data
End Of Data. Electronic or magnetic sign shows the end of the data on the magnetic tape.
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part of what should be a standard approach to staging the bone scan; after work by Soloway
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Entrance on Duty
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a character used to indicate nd ata from a file.
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every other day FX fracture
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Equal Opportunity or Equal Opportunity and Diversity
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electric organ discharge.