Definitions for "TSD"
Treatment, Storage, Disposal. Hazardous waste operations requiring permits under RCRA.
hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facility
Treatment, Storage and Disposal facilities are the final destination of hazardous waste. All TSD's must be permitted and have RCRA Identification numbers.
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Abbreviation for the Technical Support Document Water Quality-based Toxics Control (EPA-505/2-90-001), EPA Office of Water Enforcement and Permits, 1991. It contains procedures for water quality-based limitation development.
Technical Security Division
Transportation Security Division
Thailand Securities Depository. A Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) subsidiary for clearing and settlement of securities trading. The TSD is entrusted with the safekeeping, deposit, and withdrawal of securities certificates of its members.
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That Sounds Dirty. ifMUD is not known for its purity of mind. There's an entire channel for this, #tsd.
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Taxable Sales Deflator
Tactical situation display
Traffic Situation Display. A tool used by Traffic Management Specialists to monitor the position of air traffic and to determine the traffic demand on airports and sectors.