Definitions for "Failover"
An operation where a redundant component (power supply, fan, hard drive) takes over for a failed component.
The process by which a Web server configuration diverts incoming traffic from one computer to one or more networked computers for the purpose of balancing request loads and avoiding excessive strain on server resources.
The assuming of server responsibilities by the node designated as backup server, when the primary server fails.
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See Switchover.
A failover occurs when an MDC fails, and the High Availability MDC takes over as the MDC. In most cases, this process occurs transparently to applications, thus enabling them to proceed without interruption.
A configuration that allows a secondary machine to take over in the event of a stoppage in the first machine, thus allowing normal use to return or continue. See also high availability.
The process of switching network access from a failed interface to a good physical interface. Network access includes IPv4 unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic, as well as IPv6 unicast and multicast traffic.
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See connect-time failover.
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see IP Failover