Definitions for "familial"
relating to or having the characteristics of a family; as, children of the same familial background; familial aggregation.
tending to occur among members of a family, usually by hereditary transmission; familial traits.
A characteristic or disorder which tends to run in families.
Runs in families.
Parkinsons: Some unusual forms of Parkinson's disease run in a few families. Abnormal genes have been identified in some of these families, but abnormalities in these genes are NOT found in most patients with Parkinson's disease. Alpha- synuclein and parkin are the proteins coded for by genes identified as being abnormal in some familial forms of atypical Parkinson's disease. Normal alpha- synuclein is also the major protein in Lewy bodies, the pathologic inclusions found in typical Parkinson's disease. The normal functions of alpha- synuclein and parkin are not yet clearly established.
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A word used to refer to the family you were born or adopted into.
Describes a condition or character found in some families and not in others.