Definitions for "Front End"
communications: Software (and rarely hardware) that communicates with other software and sometimes hardware. The purpose of a front end is to either limit access to the actual system being used or to improve the interface. A common example is a client/server setup on a BBS or the Internet; we know a guy who uses a PowerBook as a front end to a Cray
Shorthand term for the operator interface or application-specific aspects of a program.
Visual part of an application that is seen by a user and is used to view and work with information or a program that provides a user-friendly interface to another, harder-to-use, program. For example, HTML is considered a front end for the Internet. Last Reviewed: 2003-04-19
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The designated area of a retail store for customer checkouts and bagging stands. It may include a Service Center, Counting Room for Monies, MIS Office and Manager's Office.
The part of the store devoted to the checkouts.
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a facade that is put in front of the software, which makes it easier for the consumer to navigate the software
Software used to navigate and manage different components in an HTPC. Usually easily viewable on a television screen and with support for remote controls. These may be available commercially, as freeware or as open source software.
a program that makes a batch file to compile your map with the minimum of resources taken. Easier than writing a batchfile yourself, but it takes a teeny bit more RAM than your own batchfile. Examples: HLCC/TBCC, Nemisis' Batch Compiler.
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The first stage of filtering in a receiver. The first circuit stage following the antenna input to the receiver.
The RF input stages of a receiver.
The signal source in a system, eg LP or CD. Also the stage in a tuner which handles signals from the aerial.
An area of the vehicle which includes the front bumper, grille, hood, fenders and headlamps.
Refers to the amount of dealer profit on the sale of the vehicle itself above dealer invoice.
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an example of a GUI for MAME
Software GUI used to launch game roms in one or more emulators [ edit
A series of steps in the General Ledger system that collects, edits, prorates, explodes, validates, balances and reports maintenance and journal entry activity.
Activities necessary, or the measurement of direct marketing activities, leading to an order or a contribution.
All the activities (writing, designing, printing, mailing) necessary to generate a gift by mail.
All the activities necessary to generate an inquiry or an order.
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the side that is forward or prominent
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The lead and second player on a curling team.
Refers to the initial level of response from the target audience, especially where two-step selling is used.
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The first product that you sell to a given customer.