Definitions for "Harvesting"
The removal of merchantable tree crops from an area.
Removing compost from the composting environment for use in the landscape, lawn or garden.
The felling, skidding, processing, loading, and transporting of forest products.
The process of extracting metadata from an HTML file
The gathering together of metadata from a number of distributed repositories into a combined data store. Specifically used in the OAI context.
In the OAI context, harvesting refers specifically to the gathering together of metadata from a number of distributed repositories into a combined data store. (Definition quoted from the Glossary in the OAI for Beginners, the Open Archives Forum online tutorial)
Removal of microorganisms from a culture, usually by centrifugation.
The separation of cells from growth media. It can be accomplished by filtration, precipitation, or centrifugation.
A step to gather/collect microorganisms from a substance. This is usually by a filter or centrifuge.
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The process of scanning the internet to identify email addresses in order to create lists for spamming.
Shorthand for "address harvesting."
using automated scripts known as “bots” to identify the correct syntax of email addresses on Web pages and newsgroup posts and copy the addresses to a list.
at the point in a product's or service's sales or profit level where further decline is inevitable and the opportunity costs of trying to rejuvenate it are too high, the practice of significantly reducing, even eliminating, the marketing and advertising expenditures on the product or service and letting it ride as long as the most loyal customer sustain it.
Harvesting refers to the selling a business or product line, as when a company sells a product line or division or a family sells a business. Harvesting is also occasionally used to refer to sales of a product or product line towards the end of a product
Harvesting calls for gradually reducing a product or business's costs while trying to maintain its sales. Harvesting is an ethically ambivalent strategy, and is difficult to execute. Harvesting can substantially increase the company's current cash flow.
term used for the collection of stem cells from the bone marrow or peripheral blood.
The process of collecting stem cells which is needed for a transplant.
Term no longer used by organ and tissue donor families. See Recover
The examination of legacy applications to identify functions that can be isolated into standalone program modules or components. These modules and components can be shared by many applications.
Exit process used by entrepreneurs and investors to unlock the value of a business.
Catching and keeping fish using a variety of fishing methods.
The catching of seafood.
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Describes taking a vein from the arm or leg to use as a graft for bypass surgery.
The action that a crawler takes to retrieve information. A crawler, after finding a suitable site, "harvests" the information by storing the information it finds locally.
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See: Knowledge harvesting
a. & n., from Harvest, v. t.