Definitions for "HMS"
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Her/His Majesty's Ship
(1) Her Majesty's Ship (RN) or (2) helmet-mounted sight
Nautical term describing His or Her Majesty's Ship - only found in names of British Royal Navy vessels.
Karibiner with one wide side used for belaying with a munter hitch (aka pearabiner). From the German term for munter hitch belay: 'Halbmastwurfsicherung'.
A type of large karabiner. Useful when using an italian/ munter hitch. it is named after the German word for a munter hitch belay which is 'Halbmastwurfsicherung'
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Also known as the High Mileage Seat. The seat which garners the most attention. This term can be viewed in two different manners. First of course is the obvious. At some places, there are certain seats at stage where the dancers will give more attention to the people sitting in them. Sometimes it can be the seat directly across from where the dancer gets onto stage, thus the person sitting in the HMS would be the first person she sees. The second meaning of HMS is more of a state of mind. When you enjoy sitting at stage and it shows, the gals will usually give you a much better show and a lot more attention than anyone else sitting at the stage. This causes the seat that you are sitting in or rather you yourself to become the HMS.
Hours-Minutes-Seconds POK Paged Overlay Keyboard
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Hellfire missile system
Hanford Meteorological Station
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Harvard Medical School
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Handheld Management System
HFC - Management System
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highly migratory species
A program required by status law and administrated by the local fire departments to monitor and control the use and storage of hazardous materials within our communities. The intent of the program is to make sure that the materials are being used/stored safely and that the "first responders" have knowledge of these materials in the event of an incident at that location.
Heavy Media Separation; a process used to separate and concentrate the mineral being recovered from the other constituent minerals of the ore being mined.
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Highway Mobile Source