Definitions for "I-20"
Keywords:  sevis, visa, immigrant, oiss, statuses
Formally known as the I-20 AB, this DHS document is issued by the OISS for individuals abroad to obtain an F-1 visa or to apply for or to maintain F-1 status if they are already in the U.S. The I-20 contains a unique identification number, which is for the student's record in the SEVIS database. The I-20 serves as a primary record of a student's immigration-related actions, such as program extensions and transfers. A student should keep all I-20s ever issued to compile a comprehensive history of F-1 status.
Authorized educational institutions issue the I-20 to enable eligible individuals to obtain the F-1 visa. The I-20 form functions as a record of F-1 status throughout a student's stay in the United States. It is an important government document that should be retained by the student at all times, even when a new I-20 has been issued to reflect updated information or transfer of schools.
An immigration document used by students to obtain an F-1 visa.
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