Definitions for "ILM"
Intermediate Labour Market is defined by the former Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions, as a "a combination of training and employment which moves people off Income Support and into employment." Social firms (see also) operate in intermediate labour markets. ILM Projects provide training and work experience within the supportive structure of a community business. The work experience, often a year in length, provides a stepping stone to employment.
Intermediate Labour Market (a subsidised employment opportunity which is usually created in the not-for-profit sector as a stepping stone between unemployment and a job in the mainstream labour market).
Internal Labour Market.
science, knowledge, learning, lore, information, scholarship, education, cognizance, awareness, acquintance, familiarity, cognition, perception
Meaning “knowledge” or a “science.
knowledge, especially of religious truths; the knowledge which guides behavior.
Information Lifecycle Management. A process which comprehensively and dynamically manages the assignment of storage resources to data, based on attributes such as the criticality of the data, its reference and update frequency, regulatory requirements, and retrieval costs.
Institute of Leadership and Management
IBM License Manager. A function of IBM's z/OS operating system, which charges for software based on customer-defined capacity rather than the entire capacity of the server.
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ndustrial ight & agic.
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The Ilm is a 128,7 km long river in Thuringia, Germany. It is a left tributary of the Saale, into which it flows in Großheringen near Bad Kösen.
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Industrial Light & Magic George Lucas' company who produce the special effects and props for the Star Wars films having led the field for 26 years
Internal Legal Memorandum.
Internal Limiting Membrane. Anatomical innermost layer of the retina.
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Love-knowledge (Union of two into One), divine intelligence
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Incoming Label Map