Definitions for "Information Commissioner"
The independent body set up to oversee and enforce the Freedom of Information Act, and the Data Protection Act.
The Information Commissioner's Office is an independent Uk public body set up to promote and oversee access to official information and the protection of personal data. The information Commissioner regulates and enforces the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and the Environmental Information Regulations.
The Information Commissioner enforces and oversees the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  The Commissioner is a United Kingdom (UK) independent supervisory authority reporting directly to the UK Parliament and has an international role as well as a national one.  In the UK the Commissioner has a range of duties including the promotion of good information handling and the encouragement of codes of practice for data controllers, that is, anyone who decides how and why personal data, (information about identifiable, living individuals) are processed.