Definitions for "Insertion order"
A form that provides descriptive documentation and authorization for a specific advertising schedule. Written instruction from an agency or advertiser telling us when an ad is to run, its size, and other essentials.
purchase order between a seller of interactive advertising and a buyer (usually an advertiser or its agency).
instructions to a publication authorizing a publisher to print an advertisement of a specific size in a specific issue at an agreed price; usually accompanies the film or files used to produce the ad.
An agreement that specifies aspects related to an ad campaign.
A brief document specifying terms (number of impressions, CPM rate, etc.) for a campaign, particularly a targeted campaign. An IO may be in the form of an email, or, less commonly, a fax.
A printed order to run an ad campaign. It defines the campaign name, the Web site receiving the order and the planner or buyer giving the order, the individual ads to be run (or who will provide them), the ad sizes, the campaign beginning and end dates, the CPM, the total cost, discounts to be applied, and reporting requirements and possible penalties or stipulations relative to the failure to deliver the impressions.
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The contract between an ad buyer and the ad seller.