Definitions for "Invisible Text"
A Web page that includes text which is the same or a very similar colour as the web pages background, the effect is that search engines see the text and human visitors don't. All search engines consider invisible text as a spaming tactic.
Text that is the same as, or extremely close to, the background color, making the text unreadable without highlighting it. Most SEARCH ENGINES consider this to be SPAM. | | | | | | | | | | | | U | V | | | Y | Z
Text on a web page that is exactly or almost the same color as the background. The use of invisible text to load a page with keywords was once a popular SEO technique, but search engines can now detect invisible text and penalize sites that use it. Although there are examples of sites that use invisible text and "get away with it" on Google , the general consensus is that it is not worth the risk. The same results can usually be achieved by working the keywords into the visible body text.