Definitions for "Title tag"
Keywords:  tag, keyword, meta, html, browser
The contents of the Title tag is generally displayed by the browser at the top of the browser window. The search engines use the Title tag to provide a link to the sites which match the query made by the user. Having keywords in the Title tag of a page can significantly increase the search engine ranking of the page for those keywords.
The text contained between the start and end HTML tags of the same name. This text is associated with (but not displayed in) the web page containing these tags, and is displayed in a special position (usually at the top of the window) by the web browser. It is also commonly shown in search results on certain engines as the dark blue heading of each listing, unless another title is available, such as one implemented by another directory editor. Title text is important because it normally forms the link to the page from the search engine listings, and because the search engines pay special attention to the title text when indexing the page. Don't confuse this text with heading text within the web page which often looks like the title. Usually this will be rendered either using the HTML heading tags or just rendered with a large font size.
A Title tag is a HTML tag used to define your websites topic. This will display on the most upper left corner of your web browser screen.