Definitions for "PAF"
The Royal Mail Postcode Address File, which contains address data to uniquely identify each address in the United Kingdom.
Postcode Address File. The PAF is a centrally stored database of every address in the UK to which mail is delivered, together with its appropriate postcode. We hold this file on-line for instant access. For the purposes of sampling, census data is linked to the PAF.
is the Royal Mails Postal Address File
Refers to a sticker on Gibson pickups.
P.A.F. or just PAF is the world's first humbucker guitar pickup, invented by Seth Lover in 1955 as an engineer for Gibson and began use in mass production guitars in 1956 or 1957.
Processing and Archiving Facility of the ERS-1/2 mission. Four PAFs are operational. These are the D-PAF (located at the German Remote Sensing Data Centre (DFD) at the DLR premises at Oberpfaffenhofen/Germany), the F-PAF at IFREMER (Brest/France), the I-PAF in Matera/Italy and the UK-PAF in Farnborough/UK.
Penningautomatförening or PAF is a Finnish company that operates a legal gambling monopoly on the Åland Islands, Finland. PAF also has an Internet-based gambling and gaming operation, in addition to operating and maintaining casino and gaming activities on a large number of cruise ships. The purpose of PAF is to generate funds for humanitarian and social causes on the Åland Islands.
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Proud Arabian Foal
Computer-generated document containing employees' position, payroll and personal information.
An acronym for Personnel Action Form, referring to a campus generated document verifying an applicants' employment data (salary, title code, start date, etc.) that is printed from the campus payroll computer system.
Personnel Action Form. A form on which changes in a staff member's employment are recorded.
Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation that spontaneously reverts to normal sinus rhythm without a cardioversion procedure or therapy, but tends to recur intermittently.
Product Approval Forms
Position Authorization Form. A form, along with the vacancy announcement, recruitment plan, written charge and screening criteria must be completed by the Department Chair and forwarded to the Dean/Director and Vice President to initiate the approval process for all faculty and exempt positions.
PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT FORM. This is the paper version of the Payment Agreement for students who do not have access to SOLAR. Academic registration and PAF must be completed manually and submitted along with their payment to Student Accounts and Cashiers, Gilmour Hall Room 209 by August 15th, 2006. Payment may be post-dated no later than September 1, 2006. Financial Approval will be granted when the PAF and appropriate payment is received and specific criteria have been met.
(see KAIF) Potassium aluminium fluoride is a flux used in some ALTAB compositions as it enhances dissolution. Also known as KAIF.
platelet activating factor
Related Topic"...PAF activates platelets to secrete serotonin and other mediators to cause smooth-muscle contraction and vascular permeability, involved in asthma; a PAF antagonist counters these effects..."
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Polish Air Force fighting in exile in a number of theatres of war, not based in Russia.
The Princes' Award Foundation — European Awards for Sustainability (URL:
Paternity Acknowledgment Form
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Per Annum Flat. A percentage of interest charged per annum but calculated at the time the agreement is entered into, i.e. on the amount finance, and not on the reducing balance. (See also 'Annual Percentage Rate')
Performance Assessment Framework