Definitions for "Personal Services"
provisions for the payment of salaries, wages and other compensation (e.g., merit, salary increase, cost of living allowances, honoraria and commutable allowances) of permanent, temporary, contractual and casual employees of the government.
A budget category that includes employee salary and benefit expenses.
items of expenditures in the operating budget for salaries and wages, including fringe benefit costs such as FICA, retirement and the cafeteria benefits program.
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Services used by local consumers, for their families and their homes.
includes, but not limited to, accounting, architecture, medical or dental services, legal services, and engineering and surveying services
Ironically, this is the IRS' legal term for what most people would call a professional service -- legal, accounting, managerial, or investment services that a foundation trustee might provide to a foundation, for which s/he could legally be compensated.
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