Definitions for "Phillips"
a property maintenance and central heating engineer service in Dorset offering a comprehensive range of services
a trading name of Home Improvements Dorset Limited (Co reg no
A balance bean skill done by American gymnast Kristie Phillips. It was first performed in 1987 World Championships A handstand straddle split, with a 90 degree backbend, originally performed on the balance beam and press to side handstand, front walkover to side stand on both legs. The Phillips has been rated as a D level skill and its FIG number is 7.404.
Drive bit used on fasteners with a + shaped hole that nicely fits #00, #0, #1, #2 (most common) or #3 bits. Supposed to hold on bit, unlike slotted, often does not. Several variations exist for better grip. (see Square, Robertson and Torx) 2003-12-07
a trademark used for a screw with a head having two intersecting perpendicular slots and for a screwdriver with a tip shaped to fit into these slots.
Designed specifically for use with Phillips® head screw, which has two
Phillips is a lunar crater that is located in the vicinity of the Moon's east-southeastern limb. The larger Humboldt walled plain lies across the eastern rim of Phillips, and the outer covers nearly half the interior floor. The surviving rim is eroded in places, and not quite circular.
a freelance writer and mother of two in Brooklyn, New York
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1. A type of lightbulb. 2. A type of lightbulb for the Reds.
Phillips Electronics is a company that provides equipment in five different categories: consumer electronics, lighting, medical systems, semiconductors, domestic appliances and personal care. Back to previous