Definitions for "PLOW"
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An implement that cries aloud for hands accustomed to the pen.
A well-known implement, drawn by horses, mules, oxen, or other power, for turning up the soil to prepare it for bearing crops; also used to furrow or break up the soil for other purposes; as, the subsoil plow; the draining plow.
A joiner's plane for making grooves; a grooving plane.
The routed portion of a rail or shoe rail used for the insertion of square balusters. The gaps left between balusters are covered with fillet.
A recess moulded in the bottom of handrail and in the top of shoe rail to receive the square top or bottom of a baluster.
The routed portion of a handrail or shoerail used for the inserting of square balusters. The gaps left between balusters are covered with fillet.
A device that is placed across the path of a conveyor at a certain angle and is used to discharge or deflect objects.
A device positioned across the path of a conveyor at the correct angle to discharge or deflect objects.
A Plowman does the assigned masculine work of the fallen world, as specified in Genesis 3; women (the "distaff" side) weave or spin. Blake thought of engraving as a kind of plowing and himself as Chaucer's Plowman, but in his poetry plowing can also be a metaphor for the disruptive aspects of revolution or even the processes of mutability. Various characters use plows, including Urizen, Los, Rintrah, and others. In Isaiah 2:4, the destructive alternative to the plow is the sword. See also harrow and mill/Miller.
An inverted pose. Lie flat on your back. Bend knees up onto your chest and raise your buttocks off the floor. Next bring your knees towards your forehead while keeping your legs straight.
A variation of the classic "Wheelbarrow". While doing some fat bitch doggystyle, knock her arm away. Now, while holding her hips, run around the floor on your knees. Her face will do the best impression of a plow you've ever seen, tearing up the carpet with her crooked teeth.
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Same as Charles's Wain.
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To dream of a plow, signifies unusual success, and affairs will reach a pleasing culmination. To see persons plowing, denotes activity and advancement in knowledge and fortune. For a young woman to see her lover plowing, indicates that she will have a noble and wealthy husband. Her joys will be deep and lasting. To plow yourself, denotes rapid increase in property and joys.
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Fig.: Agriculture; husbandry.
Keywords:  carucate, land
A carucate of land; a plowland.
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To trim, or shave off the edges of, as a book or paper, with a plow. See Plow, n., 5.
deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China"
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See "understeer".
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when the front wheel digs into a soft surface instead of responding to steering inputs, taking the bike off-line.