Definitions for "Point to Point"
Describes a circuit that connects two points directly, where there are generally no intermediate processing nodes, although there could be switching facilities. See multipoint.
A private, connection with two endpoints.
A video connection between two sites. A point to point call must be originated by one of the two participating sites. Like a normal phone call, both sites CANNOT call each other at the same time, or both will be unable to connect (this is known as "call crashing"; both ends will get a busy signal).
Statewide radio channel (39.460 MHz) designated for police dispatch centers to communicate with each other and with NYSP. Used mostly in more rural areas; agencies in western and central NY tend to use the Intersystem channel (155.370 MHz) for this purpose.
A type of network communication where information is sent from a single source to a single destination, eliminating any extraneous data transmission. See...
Refers to a type of communication where messages are sent directly from one trading partner to another without the use of a VAN.
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Race across country, originally from one Church steeple to another. Now a race across flagged country following a defined course.
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A term for using individual fares from city to city.
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The measurement used in legally sizing crabs. The measure is from the end of one lateral spine to the end of the opposite lateral spine.
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The point where the inter-exchange carrier's responsibilities for the line begin and the local exchange carrier's responsibility ends.
The distance of a run on a map by a straight line.
A simple system to get video/information from one point to another point only