Definitions for "Pterygium"
A superficial growth of vascular tissue radiating in a fanlike manner from the cornea over the surface of the eye.
growth of tissue from the white of the eye over the cornea - may interfere with vision if it nears the center of the cornea
a triangular fleshy mass of thickened conjunctiva occurring usually on the inner aspect of the eyeball, covering part of the cornea, and often causing a disturbance of vision due to corneal distortion
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Pterygota Pthread
Pterygium is a reversal of the normal inward folding of the skin under the free edge of the nail plate, or the lateral nail folds. This can be caused by trauma and by certain skin conditions such as lichen planus. A dermatologist can sometimes remove this excess tissue by using acid peels or surgery.
a more serious problem and usually stems from pinquecula
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the membrane which forms the wing of a bat or similar creature
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a benign clinical entity in most cases