Definitions for "SCF"
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Self-consistent field. The orbitals (i.e., the coefficients of the atomic basis functions in each molecular orbital) are adjusted until they are optimal in the mean electric field that they imply. Implicit for Hartree-Fock calculations. Sometimes the term "SCF" is used interchangeably with "HF," but it also applies to most DFT calculations and to all MCSCF calculations.
(Self Consistent Field) The most widely practiced method for solving the Schrödinger Equation for multi-electron systems. The Self-Consistent Field Approximation (typically referred to as the Hartree-Fock Approximation, but also applies to most DFT and all MCSCF calculations) assumes a single determinant wavefunction, or in other terms, the standard molecular orbital model. The orbital (ie. the coefficients of the atomic basis functions in each molecular orbital) for each electron is adjusted in the average field of the other electrons, and iterated until self-consistency is achieved.
Self Caught Flight - This is when you play with the disc againts the wind. Simply throw the disc to the wind and catch it on its return. See, that wasn't hard to do.
Sectional Center Facility. A postal facility that serves as the processing and distribution center (P&DC) for post offices in a designated geographic area as defined by the first three digits of the ZIP Codes of those offices. Some SCFs serve more than one 3 - digit ZIP Code range.
Sectional center facility. One of more than 450 postal sorting facilities where mail goes after it's been sorted at a bulk mail center and before heading on to the destination delivery unit.
The first three digits of a ZIP code.
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Servei de Cerca de Farmacò fors
stem cell factor
Standard conversion factor. The ratio of the economic price value of all goods in an economy at their border price equivalent values to their domestic market price value. It represents the extent to which border price equivalent values, in general, are lower than domestic market price values. The SCF will generally be less than one. For economic analysis using the world price numeraire, it is applied to all project items valued at their domestic market price values to convert them to a border price equivalent value, while items valued at their border price equivalent value are left unadjusted. The SCF and SERF are the inverse of each other.
Sacramento Christian Fellowship. A Chi Alpha Campus Ministry on the Sac State campus. I've been involved with SCF since the fall of 2002 when I started going to Sac State. I develop and maintain their website, and I've done a few video projects.
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successor of Scottish Crofters Union
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Suez Canal Fee.
Standard cubic foot.
Standard Competition Form. The agency form that documents and certifies all costs calculated in the standard competition.
Standard Cubic Feet
Scientific Committee on Food
Standing Committee on Forestry
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UK Save the Children Fund, UK
Save the Children's Fund
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shared channel feedback
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Windows Explorer Command
Service Capability Function
Service Control Function
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Soil Concentration File