Definitions for "STAGING AREA"
An area where resources are kept while awaiting assignment . See also Incident Command System.
The location where incident personnel and equipment are assigned on a three minute availability status.
Staging Areas are locations set up at an incident where resources can be placed while awaiting a tactical assignment. Staging Areas are managed by the Operations Section.
A location used for demonstrations.
A directory location on disk in which files for patches and/or new product versions are kept.
a location in your web server where your web pages and scripts can be tested before making them available to the public
lines set up 30 meters from a fortification to form ground based attacks on a besieged city
A collection of data extracted from OLTP systems and provided for population into DSS systems. ()
a coordinated and secure landing site of operations for the main thrust of an assault mission
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a place where an author of an HTML document can check the look and feel of a document before it is "published
a place where data goes before it is presented to the user
The overall description of the place from which games may be joined or launched in Arcade. Includes chat room and either a server list or content from a Web site.
a private version of a complete Web application
a read-only file system that supports select versioning operations
a local copy of your Oracle distribution from which you can perform one or more installations