Definitions for "Separator"
A film to separate 2 electrodes to prevent short-circuiting and retain electrolyte.
A porous or microporous liquid-absorbent material which is installed between the battery electrodes for preventing short-circuit, securing the separation of the electrodes and retaining electrolyte. The separator should be resistant to oxidation and chicals; it should excel in electric insulation and liquid-retention;and it should not disturb diffusion of the electrolyte and ionic conduction
A divider between the positive and negative plates of an element which prevents them from shorting, and allows the flow of current to pass through. They are made from numerous materials such as: polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, rubber, glass fiber, and cellulose.
A plastic or metal part which is used to create space between back teeth prior to banding
A plastic module or metal spring used to create space between your teeth for bands or to aid in the uprighting of molars.
a device inserted between teeth which are to be fitted with orthodontic bands; usually made of elastomeric material or small metal springs, separators will push the teeth apart so that the band material passes freely through the contact area.
A device for depriving steam of particles of water mixed with it.
An apparatus for sorting pulverized ores into grades, or separating them from gangue.
Formerly a centrifuge device used to remove the fat from milk on the farm, but now used primarily at processing plants. A device used to separate manure into solids and effluent and accomplished by trickling manure over a sloped screen or mechanically forcing through a screen.
An entry in a menu used to both group and separate menu items.
A horizontal divider that separates the panel of a transient menu into two sections.
In Windows, a special type of menu item that appears as a horizontal line. A separator can be used in a pop-up menu to divide a menu into groups of related items. Or separator code. A Unicode value used to indicate line breaks (0x2028) or paragraph breaks (0x2029). More generally, a keyword, character, or white space used to separate components of a name, a number, or a group of fields. For example, the decimal point (.) in 123.456 and the backslash (\) in ROOT\SUBDIR are separators.
a character, such as a punctuation mark, used in a list to separate the numbers or letters identifying the items from the text of the list
an empty list item
A kind of token, used for punctuation (period, comma, semi-colon) or grouping (parentheses, brackets, braces -which all come in paris: one for openining the group and one for closing it).
A pressure vessel used to separate well fluids into gases and liquids.
A vessel or device for separating the components of a multi-phase fluid mixture, eg oil, water and gas. Slug: A rapid increase in flow and pressure in a pipeline. An unstable flow condition in a flowline. Spudding: The process of starting to drill a well by making a hole in the seabed using a large diameter bit.
A process vessel used to separate gases and various liquids in a hydrocarbon stream. A Wellhead Separator is the first process vessel in a production operation, operating at or near wellhead pressures.
A natural gas processing equipment that removes solids and liquids, such as sand, water and condensate, usually by reducing the velocity of the gas and allowing the force of gravity to settle out the heavier constituents.
A mechanical unit which separates or grades ground materials into constituent parts, used in the foundry to remove fines from the system sand and dust from the air.
Characters 0x09 - 0x0D (tab, line feed, vertical feed, form feed and carriage return).
An encoded character on the magnetic stripe to indicate a break in information or the end of a field. Previously referred to a as a field separator.
(S‰parateur) : Special character in charge of delimiting words or values. This separator is not part of the character string it delimitates.
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a label, which appears in the explore tree of the sidebar and in the UML diagram, to help structuring the script
sleep spider StreamWorks system tray
As per "interceptor" but generally refers to mobile units used to respond to pollution incidents.
The thousands separator (or digit grouping separator) is the local symbol used to separate every third digit in large numbers or lengthy decimal fractions. The decimal separator is the local symbol used to indicate the decimal position in a number.
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a little bit trickier but once you have made one you can just copy the code
An area separating adjacent carriageways, upon each of which traffic usually moves in the same direction.
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Tank that separates solids from fluids through a skimming process.
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An instrument used for spreading apart the threads of the warp in the loom, etc.
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Convert the analog serials from the data head into digital pulses (i.e., either an I or an O) for transfer to the host PC bus.
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A blank link in a list of saved links.
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a device that separates two things from each other, e
A device which removes liquids from the compressed air.
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A value which can be compared to a key to determine the proper block of an index.
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One who, or that which, separates.