Definitions for "Smoothie"
Keywords:  yogurt, juice, beverage, fruit, drink
A cold, non-alcoholic drink made up of fresh fruit, fruit juice or fruit pulp, along with milk and ice cream. Springform Pan A springform pan is round with high sides. The side rim expands when a clamp is opened, allowing it to separate from the base. This makes it easier to shape and then serve something like a cheesecake.
A drink made from pulped fruits or vegetables.
A non-alcoholic cold drink made up of a mixture of the juices and pulp of fruit or vegetables blitzed into a smooth drink.
a great breakfast on the run when you're pressed for time
a perfect snack both for grown ups and children
a quick and easy way to create a snack or whole meal and they are especially popular for breakfast or lunch
a wonderfully easy way to incorporate tofu into your life
someone with an assured and ingratiating manner
Keywords:  whoshaves, hair, his, off, her
a person whoshaves much of his/her body hair off
Keywords:  replenish, calories, lost, great, way
a great way to replenish lost calories
Keywords:  oar, spine, blade, central, traditional
A blade design in which the face of the oar blade is smooth, without the traditional central spine.
Keywords:  shaves, hair, his, off, her
a person who shaves much of his/her body hair off