Definitions for "Frappé"
Keywords:  milkshake, frozen, mush, ice, crushed
Iced; frozen; artificially cooled; as, wine frappé.
A frappé mixture or beverage, as a water ice, variously flavored, frozen soft, and served in glasses; also, a milk shake.
well iced drinks, usually liquers or spirits, served over finely crushed ice and drunk with a straw.
A milky film on the flashlamp bulb that pumps a YAG laser. Frappes cause degradation in power and efficiency are caused when contaminated particles (known technically as "crap") get "fried" on the bulb.
Keywords:  brushing, arched, striking, few, foot
Strong striking movement, brushing the ball of the foot on the floor and into a strong point and arched foot a few inches off the floor.