Definitions for "SRS"
Strategic Readiness System
Sample Registration Scheme
A real estate designation denoting Specialist in Real Estate Securities. The SRS designation is awarded by the Real Estate Securities and Syndication Institute (RESSI), an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors.
See stimulated Raman scattering.
Stimulated Raman Scattering. A fiber nonlinearity similar to SBS but having a much higher threshold. This mechanism can also cause power to be robbed from shorter wavelength signals and provide gain to longer wavelength signals.
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Sexual reassignment surgery
sex reassignment surgery.
Software Requirements Specifications. A project artifact that defines the complete system requirements through use cases and supplementary specifications.
software requirements specifications. A set of requirements which completely defines the external behavior of the system to be built. (sometimes called a functional specification)
Software Requirements Specification, document specifying the ACIS software requirements.
Synchrotron Radiation Source, at Daresbury in the UK
A one-session treatment with high dose focal radiation within the brain.
Safer Routes to School A government initiative to make the environment safer. It encourages children to walk or cycle to school, thereby avoiding school car runs. Schools and local education authorities work with local community and transport planners to facilitate safer routes to school.
Student Records System. an online (internet) system of centralized enrollment tracking data used by all U.S. allopathic medical schools (does not include Canadian schools). Records are based on all individual medical students.
Program for biological database browsing distributed by LION bioscience.
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Scoliosis Research Society
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Steel rod set (rebar or other steel)
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Swedish Radio Supply
Vermont Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.
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Same Room Sex, used in ads such as on this site.
Savannah River Site
Stressed Receiver Sensitivity
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Science Resources Studies
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Switched / Switch Request to Send