Definitions for "Stepping"
This refers to the version of a chip. Microprocessors typically have many different steppings where performance is increased or minor bugs are fixed. The steppings are generally not touted as a new release of the chip, because chips are not as easily upgradeable as software. You would have to buy a whole new chip to upgrade it.
a minor change in the processor
an enhancement to an existing product that chip companies use to make changes without having to test and qualify a new piece of silicon
Reflex: Newborn babies reflexively "walk" when held upright with feet touching a flat surface, like a table. This alternating flexion of each leg looks like real stepping, but is an involuntary reflex controlled entirely by the baby's spinal cord. Although in some ways a precursor to real walking, the stepping reflex disappears within a few weeks after birth because the baby's legs become too heavy for his immature muscles to lift.
The way in which one moves one's feet in the process of carrying out a figure. Unlike in, say, contradancing, one doesn't simply "walk" through a morris dance; one "steps" in a particular pattern done in a particular style.
an art form, it is a creative expression of dance, which is comprised of synchronized steps and chants
Repeating the same image from one area of a sheet to another.
The movement forward or backward one frame at a time. Also called jogging.
Stepping is a process of locomotion — either forward or backward movement engaged in by bipedal (e.g., humans, chickens), quadrupedal (e.g., rats, deer) and multipedal (e.g., insects) organisms consisting of putting the left foot forward, following with the right foot, and repeating. Monopedal organisms often experience difficulty in stepping, and resort to an action known in the vernacular as "hopping."
Unsmooth packing, with transversally mispositioned sections.
Stepping refers to the very common debugging method of executing code one line at a time. The person debugging may examine the state of the program, machine, and related data before and after execution of a particular line of code. This allows the person to evaluate the effects of that instruction in isolation and thereby gain insight into the behavior (or misbehavior) of the program.
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weight-transfer from one ski to the other, and lifting (stepping) one ski into a new position before transferring weight again, as opposed to skidding.
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Used to mean 'chunking', as in 'set up' or 'step down'.
The process of assigning a variable the next item in a series of items.