Definitions for "Uniformity"
Continued or unvaried sameness or likeness.
a condition in which everything is regular and unvarying
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Maximum difference in the insertion loss between the output ports of a coupler.
The difference between the maximum insertion loss and the minimum insertion loss for each input port and all output ports. For WDM devices this is measured at 23°C .
The maximum insertion loss difference between output ports of a coupler.
The quality or state of being uniform; freedom from variation or difference; resemblance to itself at all times; sameness of action, effect, etc., under like conditions; even tenor; as, the uniformity of design in a poem; the uniformity of nature.
the quality of lacking diversity or variation (even to the point of boredom)
low variation among repeated outcomes of a process.
Uniform illumination of an image area. Physically based brightness of a projected image reduces itself from the centre to the sides. Projectors tend to a brightness reduction of below 15 % to the sides which complies to a specification of 85% uniformity.
Comparison of one area's brightness to that of an adjacent area. In general, the brightest part of the image will be in the center. Toward the edges, the intensity of image will vary in a non-linear function.
Comparison of one area's phosphor color and brightness to the adjacent area. A general specification is that this should not vary by more than 30%.
Consistency; sameness; as, the uniformity of a man's opinions.
Similitude between the parts of a whole; as, the uniformity of sides in a regular figure; beauty is said to consist in uniformity with variety.
Consistency of the CT numbers in the image of a homogeneous material across the scan field.
Conformity to a pattern or rule; resemblance, consonance, or agreement; as, the uniformity of different churches in ceremonies or rites.
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High uniformity occurs when the same amount of water is applied to each square foot of turf or landscape. The uniformity of rainfall is 96 percent without wind. 50 percent uniformity is common in older systems.
The Constitution of Virginia demands all property within the municipality be taxed at the same tax rate. The Code of Virginia demands the valuation be based on market value.
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The degree to which the fibres in a sample are uniform based on the ration of mean length to the upper half mean length. Given as a percentage.
The grading system for defining how well pearls match on a strand. They can be excellent, good or fair.
The evenness of precipitation over a given area.
Even distribution across a given space. In video, uniformity can refer to the distribution of light (hot spotting) or color.
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See Uniformity, principle
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Being uniform in the structure of the paper, the color and finish.