Definitions for "World Cup"
Quadrennial world championship of soccer played under the auspices of FIFA. Over 150 countries compete within their geographic region for almost two years for the privilege to attend the World Cup Finals.
An international agility competition held in conjunction with the World Dog Show, which is an international conformation competition. The USDAA selected the USA Agility Team that was sponsored by Pedigree.
a soccer tournament held every four years between national soccer teams to determine a world champion
a unique opportunity for Germany to present herself as a hospitable, joyful and modern nation bursting with ideas
a unique opportunity for Germany to present itself to the world as a hospitable, cheerful and modern land of ideas
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ETC An annual series featuring the best freestyle and alpine skiers.
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a graphics powerhouse
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a major disappointment
a completely reworked passing system, plus a whole host of further gameplay enhancements
a gift for the whole of our country
a synergistic title that is virtually complete from stem to stern
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a group of smiling faces
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a perfect excuse to check in
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a truly multi-dimensional task
a goal that all Australians can support and there is no reasons why, with the support of the Federal Government, we cannot kick a great goal for Australia