Definitions for "ACADEMIC LEVEL"
This is often called class or year and relates to the categories of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. These categories are based on the number of undergraduate student credit hours earned toward a degree (freshman: less than 30.9; sophomore: 31-59.
Grade level determined by the number of accumulated credits. The following academic levels are applicable to undergraduate students: Freshmen 0 - 29 Sophomore 30 - 59 Junior 60 - 89 Senior 90
Short for Academic Level. For undergraduate students, one of 1A, 1B, ... , 4A, or 4B. For some plans, advancement of level depends on the successful completion of the previous term whereas others depend on successful completion of a specified number of units. See Determination of Level and Term of Study from the Undergraduate Calendar for more details. For graduate students, can be "M" for Masters or "D" for Doctorate (PhD).
a qualification of the higher education system