Definitions for "ALLOCATION METHOD"
A method of site valuation in which the appraiser deducts the estimated value of the building from the total sales price of an improved property to arrive at the estimated land value.
An appraisal technique used to estimate the value of the site (land) by deducting the value of the improvements from the total sales price of the property.
roll 2D6+6 twice, allocate one total to INT the other to SIZ - as desired. Roll 3D6 five times and allocate these totals to the remaining attributes as desired. If three or more of these totals are less than 12 - roll all the attributes again. Elizabethan Investigators have a new Sanity (SAN) attribute taken straight from Call of Cthulhu, determined by POW x5. Elizabethan England is classed as a Civilised Culture. No-one may learn magic as portrayed within the RuneQuest rules, and no-one may begin the game with any magical spells in any case. Rather than roll for Occupation, players may select the Occupation of their character. The following Occupations are suitable for use as Elizabethan Investigators
A method of allocating volumes to affected parties when an imbalance occurs.