Definitions for "Allopatry"
Occurring in different places; usually refers to geographical separation of species.
the occurrence of organisms in separate non-overlapping geographical areas
The geographical isolation of two or more populations or species. Also, speciation that occurs in geographical isolation from the main population of the parent species. It is thought to be the dominant mode of speciation. A small population of the species is isolated long enough for genetic drift and natural selection to make it different enough in either reproductive behaviour or mechanisms so that if and when it rejoins the original species it is too distinct to interbreed. There is debate in the evolutionary biological discipline as to whether different ecological behaviour and the adaptations needed to survive in them are the result of speciating selection, or follow from selection between the original species and the now reproductively distinct new species which have become that way through drift. Most think that selection is relevant only after allopatric speciation, although recent work has revived the sympatric speciation model.
Living in separate places. Compare with sympatry.
the condition of two organisms or groups of organisms inhabiting different places.