Definitions for "Angled"
Keywords:  fireworks, cake, oval, flight, spin
An angled effect is actually how the firework is physically set up; what it means is that the tubes of the fireworks are pointed at an angle in different directions and positions rather then having all of the shots pointed straight up like with a standard multi-shot cake.
forming or set at an angle; "angled parking"
The spin axis of the oval ball is set when it is angled to the right or left in order to determine its flight path.
lines are a combination of diagonal lines such as
Out-of-Home advertising structures are built for maximum visibility to vehicles approaching them. They are classified as angled when one end is set back more than 6' from the other end of the structure as measured along the line of travel.
Keywords:  corners, edges, definite
Having definite corners and/or edges.
Keywords:  compounds, right
Having an angle or angles; -- used in compounds; as, right-angled, many-angled, etc.