Definitions for "Births"
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Most often a birth announcement list only the father's name. Most birth announcements list whether the baby was a boy or girl. Very few announcements list the name of the child and if they did it is listed in the index. Example: Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Jones had a small visitor arrive at their home last Friday of the male gender. It weighted in at 7 pounds. Josh is walking around with a puffed chest.
Total number of live births occurring to residents of an area during a time period, as estimated using reports from the Census Bureauâ€(tm)s Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE) and the National Center for Health Statistics. The birth rate expresses births during a time period as a percentage of an areaâ€(tm)s population at the midpoint of the time period.
The total number of infants born in the hospital during the reporting period.  Births do not include infants transferred from other institutions, and are excluded from admission and discharge figures.
Those units that are within scope of a survey as of the reference date of the survey but were not in the sampling frame. They include units that existed in the universe but were not on the sampling frame as well as units that came into existence after the creation of the sampling frame.