Definitions for "Bode"
To indicate by signs, as future events; to be the omen of; to portend to presage; to foreshow.
To foreshow something; to augur.
An omen; a foreshadowing.
Bode is a small crater located near the central region of the Moon, to the northwest of the Pallas-Murchison joined craters. It lies on a region of raised surface between the Mare Vaporum to the northeast; Sinus Aestuum to the west, and Sinus Medii to the southeast.
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Keywords:  bidden, bid, offer
A bid; an offer.
Bid or bidden.
Rectangular coordinate plot of 1x component amplitude and phase (relative to a keyphasor) vs. running speed.
Keywords:  messenger, herald
A messenger; a herald.
Keywords:  halting, delay, stop
A stop; a halting; delay.
Keywords:  bad, signs, indicate, news
indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"