Definitions for "Borda count"
Keywords:  voter, ballot, winner, vote, candidate
A voting procedure in which each voter forms a preference ranking for all alternatives. Given alternatives, each voter casts votes for his or her most preferred alternative, -1 votes for his or her second most preferred alternative, etc. The alternative that receives the most votes wins.
The Borda Count is an election decision method where the winner is decided on the basis of points which are assigned to the candidates based on how far up on the ballots of the voters the candidates appear. The number of points assigned to candidate X as a consequence of a voter i's ballot is the number of candidates who lie below X on i's ballot. The Borda Count belongs to the family of scoring rule methods for deciding elections.
Borda Method The Borda method is a group ranking method which assigns weights to individual preference schedules by giving a number of points for each first place vote another number for each second place vote and so on. The most common way of assigning values in a group ranking of choices is to assign points to first place, n-1 points to second, and so on. The group ranking is determined by totalling each choice's points.[refcomap, p10] The Borda method is common in sports polls, such as the AP's poll for college football. Definitions: C