Definitions for "Domed"
Showing a symmetrical distortion of a flat or curved section of an object so that as normally viewed. Term often used when clear "epoxy domes" are applied to labels, pins, magnets, key tags, etc.
A piece of jewelry with a convex shape, thicker in the center and tapering at the edges.
Convex topskull.
A spheroid cover first used in 1715 on tankards, teapots and coffee pots. Used extensively on covered butter dishes.
Keywords:  hemispherical, vault, rounded
having a hemispherical vault or dome
Hemispherical or rounded.
Furnished with a dome; shaped like a dome.
A shape put into embossed or debossed images resembling a semi-circle or half-moon. Read the 'Designer's Guide to Foil Stamping and Embossing' for more information.