Definitions for "Ganging"
Assembling two or more electrical components into a single unit. Boxes, switches, and receptacles often are ganged. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
2 or more electrical lines ending in the same switch box or receptacle
Joining two or more switch or receptacle boxes for greater capacity.
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Grouping two or more controls in one enclosure.
When two or more racks are connected together, side-by-side. This is done in installations when multiple racks are permanently installed and facilitates cabling between racks. Also referred to as a multi-bay installation.
The process of combining 2 or more lamps into one circuit using a twofer or similar connecting device. Also used to refer to any situation where two or more components of and electrical system are combined together in a parallel ciurcuit. See Also: Two-fer
The bundling of two or more different printing projects on the same sheet of paper.
When two or more like printed pieces are printed on the same sheet.
When a printer runs a variety of different jobs together for more efficient production. Gate fold Finished sheet where both sides are folded, overlapping, towards the gutter.
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Putting a group of images or jobs on the scanner or press at one time.