Definitions for "Gassy"
Highly strung and 'silly' with it General Stud Book Register of all genuine Thoroughbred horses, maintained by Weatherbys Guineas Either the One Thousand Guineas or the Two Thousand Guineas; a guinea was one pound one shilling (£1.05) and the name reflects the prize money irrespective of the number of subscribers. Bloodstock sales at Tattersalls are still conducted in guineas.
Overcarbonated, with oversize bubbles.
passing intestinal gas excessively; flatulent.
suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal
Full of gas; like gas.
Inflated; full of boastful or insincere talk.
A descriptive term for cheeses in packaging that becomes bloated. This may be a result of an increase in holding temperature or altitude, or it may indicate microbial production of carbon dioxide.
A coal mine is rated gassy by the U.S. Bureau of Mines if an ignition occurs or if a methane content exceeding 0.25 percent can be detected, and work must be halted if the methane exceeds 1.5 percent in a return airway.
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